• image of clock title page

    Clock Repairs

    Work to do

  • image of Damaged hour pipe

    Damaged hour pipe

    Showing damaged to hour pipe and gear

  • image of a hour wheel

    Hour Wheel

    Showing hour wheel, snail and damaged pipe

  • image of a hour wheel

    New gear blank

    Ready for teeth cutting

  • image of a hour wheel

    Dividing head

    with chuck fitted

  • image of a hour wheel

    28 teeth

  • image of a hour wheel

    Ready to be mounted

  • image of a hour wheel

    to make the interwheel D

    and determine the right diameter

  • image of a hour wheel

    Viewed from front

    to determine the diameter of wheel D

  • image of a hour wheel

    To determine the diameter of wheel D

    and position of pin P

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   A society of enthusiasts who build engineering models with the emphasis on railway locomotives and running a railway.


George Stephensons Rocket Steam Engine 1829 History KS3 KS4 Black and White  Plans for Everything, Mostly Free  


Specification - The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust


Welcome to the Leeds Society of Model & Experimental Engineers

 Welcome to existing Society members and non-members interested in model engineering.  


Leeds Society of Model and Experimental Engineers was formed in Leeds in 1935 and has links to the first such society established in the city in 1899. Members have a wide range of interests relating to steam engines both railway, traction and stationary types, clocks, internal combustion engines and engineering processes in general. For many years the Society operated a miniature railway in the grounds of Temple Newsam House, relocating it to the grounds of Eggborough Power Station in 1978. At present the Eggborough site is being redeveloped and we are working with the developer to relocate the miniature railway elsewhere on the same site.

The Society hold regular meetings with speakers giving talks on engineering and steam topics and also operates a portable miniature steam railway at local community fairs and fetes.


COVD 19 – Due to the current restrictions all our Speaker Evenings, held at the Mid Yorkshire Golf Club, Darrington, our maintenance working parties and operation of the portable miniature railway are cancelled for the time being. We hope to be able to restore these activities sometime during 2021.