General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulations come into force on 25th May2018. Leeds SMEE Committee has therefore reviewed the data it holds on Leeds SMEE Members. It is necessary to tell Members, what information we hold about them, why we need this information, what we use it for, and how it is held and kept safe.

 What Information do we hold?

Leeds SMEE requests the following information from Members at the time of their application for Membership:

Full Name & Postal Address

Email address (if applicable)

Telephone Number (landline, mobile or both)

Date of Birth

Why we need this information:

It is necessary for communication with members that we have an address. It is simpler and less costly for Leeds SMEE to communicate with Members via email, but it is important that we can still use the postal system in the event of electronic communication problems and indeed for members who do not have a computer. Similarly, a telephone number is an important means of communication from Leeds SMEE to Members.

The Date of Birth is needed in order that the correct fees can be paid; Junior Members pay a significantly reduced rate of Subscription and the Eggborough Sports and Social Club charges different fees for those over 65.

How do we store the information?

All Members’ details as above are stored on an encrypted Excel Spreadsheet held by the Hon Treasurer. Copies of the information dating back to 2003 are held on back-up drives remote from the “live” version on the hard drive of the password-protected PC. Nothing is stored remotely or “in the cloud”. Redacted versions of this information, which excludes Members’ date of birth, are also held by the Hon. Secretary and by the Newsletter Editor.

The original paper Membership Application forms (held by the Treasurer) have now all been

An additional list of members’ names and the first part of their postcode (as e.g. FJ Jones LS24) is also held on a paper document held by the Eggborough Sports and Social Club steward.

Request to amend or delete information:

Any Member who, having previously given information (such as date of birth, telephone number or email address), wishes that such information held by the Leeds SMEE officers listed above should be amended or no longer be stored as described above, may request this, and it will be done.

Web Site:

The Society has a web site which does not contain any members’ personal data such as an e-mail address. It only has a ‘Contact Us’ feature for viewers’ communication.

Third Parties:

No information on any Member held by Leeds SMEE will be disclosed to any third party (including other Members of Leeds SMEE) without the permission of that Member.

Document History:

1 – 16th May 2018